How do I put the SGX in Demo Mode?

  1. From the Menu, highlight "Courses" and select (Please note: if Scoring is on, highlight "No: Skip Scoring" and select).
  2. Highlight the course you want in Demo Mode and select (Please note: you will not be able to see a Basic Green course or Member Mapped Course in Demo Mode).
  3. Highlight the hole you want and select (for example "Hole #1").
  4. From here, press the Menu Button on the device.
  5. Highlight "Settings" and select.
  6. Highlight "Preferences" and select.
  7. Move the check mark icon to "Demo Mode" and select.
  8. Enable Demo Mode. Highlight "Yes" and select.
  9. Press the Left Key "Done".
  10. Press the Left Key again "Exit".
  11. Highlight "Resume" and select. Now the course will be in Demo Mode.

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