How do I search for SkyCourses?

After you download and launch CaddieSync:

  1. Turn on your SkyCaddie and make sure the USB cable is firmly connected from your computer to the SkyCaddie.
  2. Click the Sync button in the lower navigation bar of the CaddieSync desktop.

    When your SkyCaddie is fully synced, the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) appears at the left side of the lower navigation bar. Your account name should also appear on the right side of the navigation bar. For example: Welcome Joe Golfer.

  3. Select the COURSES button in the upper navigation bar.
  4. Click Course Search below the HOME button of the upper navigation bar.
  5. Enter the Location: the city, state, or zip code of the area you want to search.

    You can also enter a course or club name in addition to the location. For example, you might enter "Diamondhead" as the club name and "MS" as the location to find the Diamondhead Country Club.

    NOTE: Course and club names must be fairly precise. If you enter "Diamond Head" as a club name with "MS" as the location, no courses can be found.

  6. Click the Submit>> button.
  7. Your search results are listed in alphabetical order by course name.

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