How to select the 4 different views available on my SkyCaddie

The recommendation is to select the Standard or Graphical view in combination with either the Expanded or Big Number view.

To select Target Views:

  1. Press the MENU button on the lower left side of the SkyCaddie.
  2. From the Main Menu, scroll to Preferences. Press the button below the Select soft key.
  3. Scroll to Target Views and select from among the following view options:

    Standard - Lists all targets, including safe landing zones in play from the tee that are visible or hidden. Use the Scroll Pad to scroll through the targets that may slide off the screen as you move down the fairway. See the SkyCaddie User Guide for a complete list of target names and corresponding descriptors.

    Graphical - Displays targets as graphical icons. Press UP/DOWN on the Scroll Pad to move one target at a time. Press LEFT/RIGHT on the Scroll Pad to move to the top or bottom of the target list.

    Expanded - Displays an expanded version of the target descriptor that shows the Leaves distance to the center (crosshair on IntelliGreen view) from that target.

    Big Number - Displays the selected target distance as a very large number for easy viewing. Press UP/DOWN on the Scroll Pad to move one target at a time. Select iGreen to return to the IntelliGreen view.

When you scroll to a target in a Standard or Graphical view, you can press View to display more information about that target.

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