How to use the SkyCaddie in practice at the driving range or chipping green

Driving range

The SkyCaddie can help you determine shot distances for your next round. Some shots require a certain amount of touch, spin and trajectory. A full shot is not always your best option. Weather and course conditions are deciding factors in the shot selection. Your SkyCaddie gives you a wider variety of shots from which to choose.

If you use the SkyCaddie to record full shot distances, you can also determine how far the ball will carry in the air with Three Quarter Swing and Half Swing shots.

- Record your distances for each club in your bag using a Three Quarter Swing.

- Repeat the session with a Half Swing.

Chipping area

Incorporating the SkyCaddie into any practice routine has many benefits.

The key to lowering your scores begins with the short game.

Using the Pro Mark feature of the SkyCaddie provides a golfer with the exact yardage for each wedge. While on the range, mark a target and view the yardage on which you want to work.

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