What is the difference between the SG5 and the SGX?

The SG5 and the SGX are both high quality devices that will help you play better, but here are some highlights on their differences:

  • The SGX has a new stylish casing with a larger, high-resolution color TFT-LCD screen (3-inch; the SG5's screen is a 2.2-inch LCD).
  • The user interface (software graphics) on the SGX has been completely re-designed, refining the look-and-feel from the SG5.
  • The SGX features dual navigation, so you can use the buttons like the SG5, or you can direct an on-screen cursor using a multi-directional joystick.
  • The SGX is the first SkyCaddie that will include up to 30,000 preloaded course maps for a 30-day trial period.
  • The SGX is capable of storing up to 50 full-featured course maps at a time (plus the basic green courses), whereas the SG5 is capable of storing 20 course maps at a time.
  • The HoleVue image on the SGX is interactive, allowing you to move an on-screen cursor to adjust the line of play and see real-time tee shot distance and approach shot distance. It also can zoom in and out to help you dial in on any point of the hole. The HoleVue image on the SG5 is static. (Please Note: HoleVue is only available to SkyCaddie members with a SG5 using v. 3 software or a SGX. Not all course maps have the HoleVue feature at this time).

For more details on each product, please visit the SG5 and SGX product webpages on SkyGolf.com.

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