Why won’t my SGX sync on my computer? (Windows troubleshooting only)

  1. Follow the steps below to insure the drivers are installed correctly:
  2. Unplug the SkyCaddie from the computer
  3. Plug the SkyCaddie into a different port, if possible, and turn it on. The screen should read "Sync Ready"
  4. Click on the START icon
  6. Click on CLASSIC VIEW (if in CATEGORY VIEW)
  7. Click SYSTEM
  9. Look for either "SkyCaddie" under the Other Devices section or "Skyhawke USBLAN Adapter" under the Network Adapters section (If you are unable to find it, please try restarting your computer.) If there is a yellow question mark or exclamation point beside the SkyCaddie driver, right click on the driver to update, select "YES, THIS TIME ONLY," and continue with the instructions below.
  10. Choose the option to Search automatically for Driver software.
  11. If given the option, select the most up-to-date driver (driver with the highest number)
  12. Click CONTINUE ANYWAY after Windows searches for the driver
  13. Click NEXT
  14. After the driver has been successfully installed, click FINISH and attempt to Sync the device
  15. If the device still will not sync, try unplugging it and plugging it back in and trying again.

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